House of Scotland



    Fine Scottish Merchandise





You do not have to pay a fortune for a set of good bagpipes.  

We have found that Macleod of Glasgow make excellent  

bagpipes in other words top quality at a fair price. Wallace 

Bagpipes of Glasgow also make world renowned bagpipes, 

with their manufacturing staff competing in many competitions. 

Indeed staff members also tutor Pipe Bands in Europe on  

a regular basis. Both Scottish manufacturers have a first 

class reputation built up over many years. 


Bagpipes are available in a number of models, the most  

popular are : 


1. Half mounted Imitation ivory and nickel silver. 

2. Full mounted imitation ivory. 

3. Half mounted imitation ivory and engraved nickel silver 

4. Full mounted Sterling Silver 


All bagpipes are complete with pipe chanter 


Practise Chanters are always in stock 


Practise reeds, drone reeds, pipe chanter reeds 

always available.