House of Scotland



    Fine Scottish Merchandise


Clothing & Knitwear


                      Clan Ties.                            Assorted Cap & Hats



Tartan Items: Neckties, Bowties, Scarves, Cummerbunds,  

                    Vest, Stoles, Shawls, Gents Golf Caps. 

                    Material.Tam o Shanters. Handkerchiefs. 


Neckties:      Plain colour ties for casual wear or to wear with 

                    kilt are available 


                    Ladies evening sashes in tartan, fine pure wool 

                    most clans clan be supplied. A range of silk items 

                    can also be provided. 


Kilts:            Gents and Ladies authentic kilts can be supplied to 

                    order. Ladies kilted skirts and hostess kilts are also 

                    provided. Tartans are available in most clans. 


Knitwear:      Ladies and Gents Cashmere, Lambs, Arran Knits. 


Headwear:    Tweed hats, Tweed caps, Tweed deer stalkers 

                    Tam o Shanters, Glengarries, Balmorals. 


Kilt Hose.     Pure wool, machine washable, Arran pattern. 

                   Colours, Cream. Lovat Blue, Lovat Green, 

                   Black, Navy, Oatmeal. 


                   Cotton hose, Arran pattern 

                   Colours, Cream also Black 


                   A range of other styles can be supplied,  

                   Farmers Hose which stop grass seed, 

                   Argyll pattern hose. 

                   Fine plain hose, solid colours. 

                   Coloured diamond pattern pure